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On multiple trips to New York City, a substantial stock of photo material was gathered. Starting point are photos of the World Trade Center with the Twin Towers and their immediate neighborhood, shot between 1988 and 2000 from different vantage points, at different times of day and during various seasons.

The second photos were taken in March 2002 and illustrate the unbelievable scope of destruction by means of before and after comparisons without using the already classical, breathtaking pictures of crashing planes, smoking buildings and collapsing towers.

Pairing up the before and after-Twins there are two different approaches. The second photos were taken from the exact same positions as the first one. Other pairs developed because the spot or the actual view no longer exists or was not accessible due to the persisting clean-up work at Ground Zero.

The photos are entirely shot with SLR-Cameras (analogue) and different lenses on slidefilm-material.

Digital after-treatment was deliberately avoided.

Series with 23 Ilfochrome-prints,
diasec (face mounted),
24 x 32"